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What is Biohacking?


BIO (life/health) HACKING (making small, incremental positive diet or lifestyle changes)

Biohacking is a holistic approach to optimising your mind, body and environment.

Based on scientific research, nutrigenomics and lifestyle hacks, Biohacking by Design uses an individualised approach to get the most out of your health!

You are invited to kickstart your biohacking journey with Biohacking By Design.

Benefits of Biohacking

expert biohacking and wellbeing consultant


Discover long lasting, consistent energy without the highs and lows of sugar or caffeine crashes

Nutrition & Supplements

Optimise your body's ability to absorb and work with the best natural, scientifically proven nutrigenomics


Biohacking with the right nutrigenomics can help you to have youthful, clear skin, healthy hair and to age beautifully

Brain Function

Give your brain the nutrients it needs to focus, concentrate and achieve the results you know you're capable of


Equip your body and mind with the ability to approach life with a sense of calm and mental clarity


Live younger and longer with bio hacks and nutrigenomics that optimise your health

Fitness and Training

Equip your body with the tools and nutrients to maximise your workouts and recover faster


Nourish your gut to help it absorb the powerful nutrients of nutritious food and nutrigenomics


Holistic wellness, experience consistently being in a state of 'flow'


Rejuvinating sleep that gives you energy, mental clarity and inspiration for each day

Healthy Habits

Hack your way to habits that propel your life forward and let go of patterns that hold you back

Empowering Beliefs

Discover effective ways to empower yourself, deal with anxiety and thrive in the ways that you want

Backed by Science, what does the research say?

Being informed is the first step to building the life and health that you want. Taking action based on informed decisions is how you can ensure that you are making the best moves for your body and lifestyle.

Research is a big part of why I feel so passionate about optimising health, because I am shown that it is possible and accessible”.

Join me as I explore exciting and trustworthy scientific studies in the pursuit of lifelong learning and seeking the best biohacking ways to optimise health and lifelong wellbeing.

” Research is formalised curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose” – Zora Neale Hurston

expert biohacking and wellbeing consultant
Biohacking by Design coach Melinda Pearson

About Biohacking by Design

I’m Melinda, I am the Founder and Biohacking coach at Biohacking by Design.
I am  passionate about intentional biohacking and helping people optimise their health in the ways that they need.
As a Registered Nurse and Midwife, I know that we all want to be healthier – us and our families.
It’s more than just the feeling of waking up without pain or feeling crabby. We want to live longer, be healthier to go the distance, to play with our friends and grandkids. We want quality and quantity.
Biohacking is a term that refers to ‘hacking’ into our biology – being a better and healthier version of you on all levels! A ‘hack’ refers to something that makes a job or task easier.
We might have a hack for the easiest way to clean the kitchen or prepare breakfast. The same goes for how we look after our health.
We want the edge on how to live better, be healthier and happier.
So why not flip the switch, feel better and do more?!
Let’s explore this journey together!
Send me a message to schedule in a free 15 minute appointment to see how we can get you Biohacking By Design!


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